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Popalee’s award winning barbecue chicken


8 to 10 boneless chicken thighs or breast
1/4 cup granulated garlic
2 tablespoons of salt
Black pepper to taste
1/8 cup Barbecue seasoning

Popa’s barbecue chicken is a special delight because it won first place in San Jose Ca. barbecue cook-off June the twentieth nineteen ninety three. The barbecue chicken got rave acclaim at caters for years before and after the award. Vendors from several states and many from within California made the event very competitive and rewarding.
Lay the chicken out on a board or counter; make sure each peace is flat against the surface. Sprinkle the salt, garlic, barbecue seasoning and pepper on both sides. Now stack each piece in a deep pan and cover tight, plastic wrap work real well for this, try to marinate it over night in the refrigerator. At this point you can freeze them raw for months, just thaw them in the refrigerator and cook as described below. 
Place each on the grill skin side down; try to turn all at the same time. This will help you keep track of how many times you turn each piece. Move them around if you have a hotter section of your grill until you have move all your chicken over the hot section of your grill, but if you have a grill that distribute the heat evenly don't worry about all the movement just turn the over as the cook.  The Breast cooks a lot faster and with the proper heat the thighs will cook fast also.
Make certain your spray bottle is on the ready because chicken with skin will drop a lot more fat on the coals and if the grills are not properly ventilated you can have a fire on your hands so be very careful. If flames flare up when the fat drops on the coals you should close of your vents until this condition cease. If you get a little flames about an inch high that go out right away, that’s O.K. it’s your hickory chips trying to burn and creating the best atmosphere for barbecuing, your heat is just right and the chips are doing it's job.
Thighs don't take very long if you have the condition I described above. They have a little fat so make sure you cook that part before you remove them from the grill. It's time for the sauce and there are two ways you can do this. Brush Popalee's Barbecue Sauce on both sides and leave on the grill for a few minutes. I usually put sauce in a small pan and dip each piece and drain on a wire grade or an item that will allow them to drain.
To freeze them after cooked for later use you can line a cookie pan with wax paper and lay them side-by-side not touching and freeze them. After they freeze you can put them in a zip lock freezer bag and keep for months. Be sure to get as much air out of the bag as possible. When you are ready to have them, just allow them to thaw and warm them in the oven or you can put them on the grill with a very low fire for a short time, just until hot. The will also give your guest the feeling of them being cooked for hours. The freezing method is especially helpful if you are staging a large event. Chicken with bone in takes longer to cook and don’t work as well with the above method. Breast is also best served soon after cooked, they dry out pretty fast. Breast dries faster than the thigh.  Marinate and freeze the chicken if it’s to be cooked later. 

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