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Baby back ribs   (the best they can be)

3 slab baby back ribs
1/8 cup granulated garlic
1/2-cup barbecue seasoning
1/8-cup black pepper   (Optional)

If you buy the baby backs from a meat company they usually carry the “two and one half up” and the smaller rib “two and one half and down”. The Danish ribs are smaller and will cook a lot faster, however the “two and one half and up” is a lot meatier. There are several web sites that offer different size ribs at various costs.
Baby back ribs are a dish you served when you aim to please, without a doubt the tenderness is unsurpassed by any other rib. The spare rib is a wonderful cut of meat but seldom can be cooked to the same tenderness as the baby back. The baby back has a little less fat than spare ribs and cooks a lot faster. If you prepared the baby backs as described below people will invite them self over every time you light up your grill. The grill should be ready, the fire at right temperature by now.
The ribs should be ready to place on the grill. Have all your barbecue equipment ready. Please be safe and don’t allow kids to play close to the grill.

                                            Prepare ribs:
With the ribs laying bone side down on the counter sprinkle the granulated garlic on the meaty side of the ribs followed by the barbecue seasoning. No salt, pepper if desired. Stack the ribs on top of each other and wrap the in clear wrap or tin foil; they should be as air tight as possible. Put them in the refrigerator for twenty-four hours (for best results) if possible but if you can't wait try to leave them there for at least two hours.             
Put the ribs on the grill with the bone side down and the ribs aligned side by side. You should have your spray bottle of clean water standing by. Open your vents until the heat is steady. Monitor the ribs after about one half hour and move them around on the grill from the hottest spot to other area to ensure even cooking.

rawmeatongrill123.jpg After cooking a few times you can determined how the grill cooks. Turn the ribs every half hour or move the ones that are cooking fast to a place on your grill that seems to be cooking slowly. Turn the ribs over as you move them around. Continue this process until the ribs are cooked. Which brings up another really nice thing about the baby backs.
And if you are really serious about making really good barbecue baby back ribs, try this method

Now brush one coat of Popalee’s Barbecue Sauce over the meaty side, baste them on both side but leave them bone side down with the top on the grill. If the fire is too hot the ribs will burn with the sauce on, so watch this very close. Remove them from the grill after about ten minutes and stack them as you did when you marinated them and put them in a pan that can be covered and let stand for about fifteen minutes. Remove them from the pan and turn them bone side up. Take a knife and pull the skin from the bone side, this will make them much easier to eat. Slice them between the bones and serve with warm Popalee’s Barbecue Sauce.

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