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Peach cobbler


Three pounds of fresh or frozen peach slices (or equivalent can peaches)
1/2 pound of butter
!/4 nutmeg (ground)
Three cups sugar
One cup of flour
Pie crust mix
 Two and one half table spoons of pure vanilla extract
One tea spoon cinnamon
One table spoon allspice
1/8 cup lemon juice

In a large pan mix the peaches, cinnamon, allspice, two cups sugar, (melt butter in a sauce pan save some for later) butter, nutmeg. Bring the peach up to heat without boiling, this process will shrink the peaches so when you put them in the baking pan they want shrink further and you will have a nice level cobbler. Add the vanilla extract and take off the heat. stir well and set a side.
Mix pie crust where it can be rolled with a rolling pen. After the pie crust is ready sprinkle one half cup of flour on the counter and roll out enough dough to cover the bottom of the baking pan. Place the pan with the pie crust in a three hundred fifty degree preheated oven. After the crust in the bottom of the pan loose most of the moisture and will sometimes large bubbles will appear. Remove this crust from the pan and roll another piece of dough the same size and bake it the same way. When this crust is ready remove from oven and pour one half the peaches in the pan, put your first crust on top of this solution and sprinkle one half cup sugar on the crust in the pan. Pour the remainder of the peaches in the pan and let it set for about fifteen minutes. Roll more dough for the top crust, slice the dough into one and one half inch pieces and arrange on the cobbler in rows in one direction and another row across the rows you just made. This should leave your cobbler almost fully covered with the top crust with little one inch squares of peaches visible. Coat the crust with melted butter and generously sprinkle sugar on top of the butter coated crust. You can freeze this and cook months later if you wish.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place the cobbler on a cookie sheet or put tin foil beneath it on the center rack, some spillage will occur during cooking. If cobbler is frozen and you started at 300 degrees, increase heat to 375 after one hour of cooking. Continue to cook for another hour and a half; it should start to turn golden brown beginning at the outer perimeters. Decrease the heat if the outer edges are cooking too fast and allow the center to brown evenly. Once the cobbler is brown all over it's usually done. Remove it from the oven and allow to cool (as long as you can stand it). Do not cover or refrigerate immediately because it will cause the crust to soften. It's OK to refrigerate after it cools. To save part of it for a later date, freeze it and individual servings can easily be cut and heated when needed. Be sure to wrap it well if it's to be frozen for a length of time.
Ice cream makes a fine topping for this delicious old southern treat. Enjoy.

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