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Peach Cobbler
Rice Pudding

String or snap beans

Three pounds string beans
Two ham hocks
Five new potatoes
Black pepper

The string bean is a readily available vegetable, you can find them in the produce department of your super market most of the year. Many people find space in their back yard or patio to grow string beans. If you buy them fresh rather than frozen you will find that they actually have beans inside the green pod. When they are French cut the beans are missing, for the purpose of this book we will use the fresh string beans. A heavy pan or boiler work really well for cooking the ham hocks. In six cups of water bring the ham hocks to a boil and reduce the heat, cover and allow cooking for about an hour and a half or so your fork can easily penetrate the skin of the ham hocks. Wash the beans in cold water until any dirt and insects are removed. Try pulling the stem from the end that was attached to the vine, sometimes the beans are very stringy and it best to pull the strings off the pod before you snap them. Now just snap each bean in about a 1 1/2in intervals as you would a pencil, look for the stem and discard it. Some beans will fall from the pods and that’s just fine. After all the beans are snapped and the ham hocks are ready, add the beans to the pot with the ham hocks and cover. Increase the heat to medium high for about fifteen minutes. Clean the potatoes and dice about half the onion and add both to the pot, sprinkle salt and pepper as needed. Let cook until the potatoes are done and remove from heat and serve

Some suggested side dishes

Neck bones (see recipe)
Smothered spare ribs (see recipe)
Boiled okra
Pasta dishes
Corn bread

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