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Fried corn

Four to six ears of tender corn (some like the white corn better)
1/4 pound salt pork (olive oil can substitute salt pork)
1/2 cup milk (optional)
Black pepper
1/8 lb. butter

Shuck the corn and rinse the silk off under running water in the sink and set aside. Slice the salt pork into about 1/4 inch slices. Cook the salt pork on low until you are satisfied that most of the oil is cooked out. While the salt pork is cooking cut the corn from the cob. You need a very sharp knife for this operation. Hold the corn at an angle into a platter or pan that want get in the way of your hand as you cut down on each ear. Holding the corn by its small end with the big end resting in the plate at an angle take your knife and gently cut the corn from the cob form top to bottom twisting the corn around after each cut. Do not cut into the husk, just as close to the cob as you can without entering the husk. After you have cut the corn from the cob all the way around place the knife at the bottom of the cob and drag the blade firmly against the cob from bottom to top. this will get the juice that’s left on the cob during cutting, shake the juice off the knife after each drag. When you finish you should have an almost dry cob and a pile of cut corn and paste like juice. Rake that into a large bowl and repeat the procedure for each ear. Now you should have a bowl of cut corn with the paste like juice in a large bowl and the salt pork done with some oil in the skillet, remove the salt pork.
 Add the corn to the skillet and cover, cook on low stirring constantly to prevent sticking add the pepper and salt if needed. It should take about twenty minutes and the corn will turn a little yellow. You may add a little milk to the corn if you don’t get a lot of juice when you rake it with the knife.

Some suggested side dishes
Collard greens (see recipe)
Turnip greens (see recipe)
Black eyed peas (see recipe)
Buttered dinner rolls
Boiled okra
String beans
Cabbage (see recipe)
Green lima beans

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