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1. 5 medium Rutabaga
2. 2 ham hocks or ham shanks (or smoked pork skins, usually rolled and sold in the smoked meat section)
3. 1 medium onion
4. Salt and pepper as needed

Rutabaga is a often over looked by shoppers when looking for a tasty vegetable to serve their family. The rutabaga is usually displayed in the same section as turnips roots.
The difference is the rutabaga is yellowish to orange in color and turnips are white and purple. Some rutabagas have a wax like skin and difficult to peel, so be careful as you peel the skin with a sharp knife. Some say this vegetable is a product of China as a result of crossing cabbage and turnip. Began your preparation by peeling the rutabagas and cutting them cross length in about 1\4 inch slices and place them in a pan of water and let set while your ham hock are cooking. To cook the ham hocks or smoked skins, put them in a boiler and add water to almost cover the meat or skins. Cook at medium heat for about one hour or until you can easily stick a fork into the meat or skin. When you are satisfied the meat is at the desired tenderness add the slices of rutabagas and sliced onions to the pot sprinkle some black pepper into the pot. Do not add salt until later. Do not over cook the rutabagas, boil for about thirty minutes. They can be tested  by gently sticking a fork in the rutabagas to test, when they are done the fork will penetrate very easy. Remove from heat because they will continue to cook because they are very hot. Taste test for salt and serve.

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