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Turnips Greens

1. Two to three bunches of turnip greens
2. Quarter lb. salt pork
3. Turnip roots (optional)
4. Salt
5. Pepper
6. Water as needed

       Put two quarts of water in a five quart boiler or pan and bring to a boil. Rinse the excess salt from the salt pork and lay it on the counter with the skin side on the counter, take a sharp knife and slice the salt pork about a quarter inch thick but do not cut all the way through the skin. When you finish you should have one piece of salt pork with about four slits all the way to the skin but not through it. Place the salt pork in the boiling water and lower the heat to medium because you have some greens to wash and cut.
      Cut the greens away from the large stalks, don’t be concerned about the small leafs. Place all the leafs in the sink or any container that will hold about five gallons of water, wash the green at least two times or more, if they are gritty or sandy more washing may be required. Turnips greens seem to have more sand than other greens, check for old leafs or badly damage leafs and insects. After the wash gather a hand full of greens and place them on a cutting board and cut across the grain about every two inches or you may leave them whole.
      The salt pork should be done after about forty-five minutes. Stick a fork in the salt pork, it should easily penetrate. Add the greens and cover for about fifteen minutes or until the greens cook down. Remove from direct heat and mix the greens with the liquid in the pot (pot liquor) really well and return to heat on medium and cover for about an hour. Repeat the stirring at least twice more during the cooking. Allow to cool down somewhat, discard the salt pork and serve.
    The bread of choice is corn bread, usually the hot water corn bread. The turnips have a very hint of sweetness and sweet corn bread will clash with the taste. If you bought the turnips roots too, added when the greens are almost done, they don’t taker longer than three minutes in a very hot pot of turnips greens they have a hint of sweetness also. Simply wash and peel them and if you prefer, cut into quarter sections, some people like them sliced into about ¼ inch slices.

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