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Catfish and hush Puppies


Two medium catfish or four catfish steaks
Three cups corn meal
Brown paper bag
One can of beer (water can be used instead of beer)
One half cup of flour
One tea spoon cayenne (optional)
Two and one half cup cooking oil or shortening

Fresh catfish is probably one of the top seafood consumed when they are properly prepared. Catfish is a coast to coast treat, it’s found from San Francisco to Atlanta. Fishing for cat fish is and favorite past time for many fisherman through out the land. Now they farm catfish and you can usually have a choice of size. Select the three pounder and below if you are going to fry it whole. The larger fish usually yield the best steaks. Lay the fish on a cutting board or counter and sprinkle the cayenne, black pepper and
Salt. Place the fish in the refrigerator for two hours. Mix one quarter cup of flour and one half cup of meal in the paper bag and shake well. Preheat the skillet to three hundred fifty or medium high and add the remainder of the oil. Take the fish from the refrigerator and shake each piece separately in a zip lock bag and put them in the skillet with a loose top or screen. Allow the fish to brown on the bottom turn the fish over and drain and cool before serving.
For the hush puppies, mix the flour and corn meal and finely chopped onion in a bowl with the beer, don’t use all the beer if you don’t have to. Combine until the mixture is consistence but not dry. Roll each hush puppy in your hand until it has the shape of an egg and about half the size. Carefully place the hush puppies in the oil the cat fish was cooked in. Allow to brown then remove them and drain. I don’t have a tarter sauce for you that are better than the one you can buy at the supper market

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