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PopaLee was born in Atlanta Georgia and after 23 years in the Navy and seven years popalee 016.jpg

working as a quality control supervisor in the California Bay area,

PopaLee is now running his own show.

The ebullient popa, now known as PopaLee, is sole proprieter of

PopaLee.com, LLC. PopaLee started out in San Jose California and

opened 'Popa Cart', a two wheeled mahogony, red wood barbecue pit that became

the place for locals to stop for lunch. PopaLee concocted a no-drip barbecuescannedimage.jpg

sandwhich specially designed for those whose

idea of lunch is to eat on the 'go'.

After the big succes of 'Popa Cart' and

having mastered the 'no-drip barbeque sandwhich'

loyal local fans started asking PopaLee to cater,
and cater he did!

Thus, 'Papa Cart' became known as Popa Cart Barbecue Catering.

Local companies and private organizations quickly filled

PopaLee schedule with some groups as large as 400 people.

PopaLee wanted to really compare his barbecue to others and entered and WON 

FIRST PLACE in 'The Best of The Bay' barbecue cookoff

contest in San Jose California in 1993.popalee 160.jpg 

popalee 072.jpg


In 2004 PopaLee moved to Palm Coast Florida to be closer to family and has spent the

last 3 years perfecting his barbecue sauce.

PopaLee's Barbecue Sauce is quickly rising in popularity in Palm Coast and now is

available to you in the open market. Not only is PopaLee's Sauce used in homes across

Flagler County, restaurants and other food businesses have inquired about Popa's  sauce to

possiblyadd to their menus.
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