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bbqbottle.jpgIntroducing POPALEE'S FAMOUS BARBECUE SAUCE......

A unique, specialty, gourmet barbecue sauce that is the

personal creation of PopaLee.

After years of careful refinement, the recipe for this truly

 fantastic BBQ sauce was complete. Since then it has been

enjoyed by many close friends and family. PopaLee finally

 began to think about marketing his sauce when he realized

that everyone who tries it says it's the best BBQ sauce they have

ever tasted. Over the last year, PopaLee has worked hard to bring

this uniquely enjoyable sauce to the open market.

popaleegrillingxxx.jpgPopaLee's Barbecue Sauce is a unique blend of

traditional southern spices to bring you the ultimate

barbecue cooking experience.

 PopaLee Barbecue Sauce is

designed for the back yard barbecue lover.

Most sauce is very thick and is not meant for

the grilling experience. Think sauces are designed

as a finish to the meat. Often this is why the sauce burns, or the

outside of the meat is over cooked. My sauce is thin and meant for grilling

from start to finish, allowing the sauce to penetrate the meat and achieving the

perfect texture with the perfect barbecue flavor.

PopaLee's Barbecue Sauce can be used for cooking indoor or outdoor, used for

dipping and as an ingredient to other recipes. In short, you can use PopaLee's
Barbecue Sauce in a multitude of ways to cook with, not just as a garnish.

You can get PopaLee's Barbecue Sauce in 2 ways.

Order Now for my special price by the case:

12 16oz Bottles $37.50 plus tax   (introductory price)

Individual: $3.75 plus tax  (introductory price)

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